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How to become a mirror for Xfce

The Xfce Desktop Enviroment has mirror sites from all around the world, but we are always looking for more reliable and well connected sites that can help us distribute our software.

We don't use mirrors for the various Xfce websites. Instead, we request mirrors that can aid in distributing the software itself by mirroring our main software distribution directory.


We have a few requirements for those wishing to run a mirror:

Inform us!

Before you can start to become a mirror, please create a bug in our Bug Tracker. You'll need to sign up for an account, then create a new bug in classicifation "WWW" and product "archive.xfce.org".

Please include the following information in the Description field:

In the bug we will discuss if your mirror offer fills a need (while we really appreciate it, it is unnecessary to have multiple mirrors at the same location using the same connectivity). If it does the IP of your server will be whitelisted on the main rsync mirror.

Mirroring techniques

We only support rsync for updating mirrors.

After your IP is whitelisted, created a cron job that looks like:

$RANDOM */3 * * * rsync -az --quiet --delete rsync://archive.xfce.org/archive.xfce.org /path/to/mirror

Almost ready...

Once the site is configured, tested, and updating consistently; contact us again (in the same bug) to give us rsync module information and the HTTP URL of your mirror. We will then add the mirror to MirrorBrain.

After a short while the mirror will appear in the mirrorlist pages.